Thursday, May 20, 2010

To all you bloggers. Check out my profile and you will see why I like all the nonsens you posted as I am from the old toppies. I see the shit happens, but it is not the fault of the previously (call it what you want) fellow citizens. It is our fault, our whities, because we knew what to do to stop it, but we left the place to frot and now we complian about it.

Ek dink dit het tyd geword om the sĂȘ; Voetsek, tot hier toe en nie verder. Of jy doen jou werk en jy doen dit reg of jy sal gemoer word. Ek dink net ons moet net nie meer noensens vat van die agtergeblewens nie. "WAKE UP AND SHAPE UP, of jy weg.

OE, Ek het so baie gal om te braak, maar dit moet nou eers wag. Ek het mos ook werk om te doen of hoe.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I am one of those electronic repair technician who have been in this game for 32 year. One of the sad things about electronic is that there are so many engineers out there designing and we poor techs must just find out ourself how to repair what ever they throw at us. We have to pay through our neck for service manuals, which the client have to pay for at the end of the day. If you do not specialize, then earning money becomes very difficult. I like to share the little information that I have and hopefully it will help someone out there who was batteling like I was.

Ok, how to open the monitor.

1) Remove all the screws from the back cover and from the stand. Keep your screw in a seperate container as they tend to walk away the moment you look away.
2) Take a flat piece of metal such as an old steel saw blade. It must be about 15 cm or 6 inches long in order to add a handle to it to hold on too. Use any grinder or sandpaper and round off all the edges in order for the blade not to damage the plastic covers. Mine is polished. Then what ever side you decide is going to be your tool side, heat the metal to red hot and then bend it +-2mm or 1/8 inch to a right angle. This then give you a small hook and prey tool. Cool it down fast in order for the blade to become hard again.
3) Now you can add what ever grip handle to the tool to make it look fancy.
4) On the VX922 Model VS10162, prey away the from cover. The hooks are on the ouside rim of the front cover. Once you get your tool in between the face and the rim, pull the rim sideway, parrallel with the face of the LCD, so that you can unclick the locks.
5) Once the front trim panel is off, then the square hole can be seen where the locks locked into. This is your guide where the locks are for the back cover.
6) Start at a corner that provide access for your tool. Hook your tool behind the rim of the panel and slide it side ways the the next hook position and gently lift the tool upwards. This action will create a split between the two plastic mouldings in order to release the clips.
7) Repeat this action until you released all the clips.
8) Take care not to damage the paintwork or scratch the plastic.
9) The whole process takes about 10 minutes.